Family FreeRide Friday

Bring your bikes and join us at the Fair Oaks Bike Park every Friday in December (weather permitting) from 3:30-5:00


We're working to expand the Fair Oaks Bike Park


Group Rides

Come Ride With Us! We have weekly rides from the bike park and monthly rides at different locations around the area. Check out our ride calendar to sign up



Building safe places for kids
to ride doesn't happen on it's own.
We need your help for staying
connected with friends.


More Kids On Bikes – It’s not just a hashtag for us.

Riding bikes isn’t just a fun leisure activity, it’s a sport. Mountain Biking, Road Cycling, BMX – all Olympic Sports, but where are the practice fields for kids who want to play these sports?

In 2019 Family FreeRide started to get our kids on their bikes more often. Weekly group rides were held every Friday on trails around the Fair Oaks area. The kids got pumped to ride with their friends every week and parents quickly learned how to fix flats.
After a close call with a fast moving cyclist on the American River Trail, and realizing how difficult it was to keep track of a pack of kids on bikes on a trail, it became apparent that we need a practice field. One coach in an enclosed baseball field can keep track of 20 kids, we were having a hard time keeping track of two kids at once.
Mountain Biking Teams have started to spring up in High Schools across Northern California (the birthplace of Mountain Biking), and are slowly trickling down to Middle and Elementary Schools. BMX is a cycling sport that appeals to Elementary school age kids because a BMX track keeps the kids contained, like a practice field, so they can learn in a safe controlled environment. In Sacramento county, there are only 2 BMX tracks. Could you imagine if there were only 2 Baseball fields, or two Soccer fields in a county with 800,000 people. In Northern, CA, with a population of 8 million, there are only 8 BMX tracks.
Where did you learn how to ride a bike? Was there a competitive cycle sport available to you when you were a kid? If there was, would you have played?

Fair Oaks Bike Park

The Fair Oaks Bike Park is a continuously evolving community amenity. The next step is an expansion of the existing footprint to accommodate more riders and alleviate congestion inside the pump track area.

Group Rides

The best way to ride a bike is with your friends. Kids feel the same way. Join us for our weekly and monthly group rides.


Check out the Facebook page for the latest events.  We have several events each year.

Places to ride

Here are the best places to ride with kids near Fair Oaks.