The Fair Oaks Bike Park

The Fair Oaks Bike Park received an upgrade in 2020 after members of Family FreeRide petitioned the Park District to add a Dirt Pump Track. Within two months of receiving approval, the pump track was completed. The existing features were moved around to create a perimeter skills trail and make room for the pump track. The addition of the pump track was a tremendous success with the community.  A pump track allows riders to learn new skills on their bikes. If they get good enough, they can ‘pump’ through the rollers and berms to generate momentum and won’t need to pedal.

Members of Family FreeRide received approval from the Park District to give the bike park a face lift in 2019. Approximately 25 volunteers came out on May 19th and moved 20 yards of dirt into the bike park by wheelbarrow, creating a starting mound to give kids momentum as they rode through the trails, the dirt was also packed  down on the trails to raise the level up so water would run off and not puddle up after it rained. Another 50 yards of dirt that was brought in the previous week was shaped into another starting mound and a set of rollers.

The Fair Oaks Bike Park was built in 2018 by the Fair Oaks Recreation and Park District as a place for kids to ride bikes safely