3 Different rides depending on the skill level.

These are the Top 3 rides near Fair Oaks that are geared towards younger riders

Training Wheels

The paved paths around Phoenix Park and between the baseball fields and bike park is perfect for kids that are just learning to ride.  Its flat and relatively slow during the weekdays.

Parkway warm-up

This ride starts at the free parking at the Nimbus Fish Hatchery and follows the Parkway bike path under the Hazel bridge and finishes at Nimbus state park. Its an easy ride with some terrain that that helps teach ride on the right skills.

Parkway and Beyond!!

This ride starts  Snowberry creek assembly area. As you enter, you will see the stables straight ahead, a big parking area to your right and to your left will be a paved path fire access road that is blocked with a yellow gate. This path will intersect with the Parkway. At the intersection, ride left for 2 miles until you see a Call box # 24.  Make a right and follow the fire road back to the parking lot.   There are tons of bike trails adjacent to the parkway that offer more terrain and challenge.